Beware the Phishing trawlers

With the holiday shopping season upon us, there will be a lot of online shoppers anxiously waiting for their goods to arrive. This is prime season for the inevitable phishing scammers that are lurking everywhere. The other day I got received message I’d like share so that you can be forewarned as to what to look for. Think of this as a friendly public service announcement.

Following is a rather unsophisticated attempting to lure me into clicking on a malicious link. Note the 5 indicators that it’s a scam:

  1. Message is sent on behalf of a legitimate company rather than coming from that organization itself
  2. It’s not addressed personally. This is not necessarily a problem but is an indicator
  3. Grammatical or spelling errors are another give away
  4. Hovering over a URL displays where the true destination is and it doesn’t match what is displayed
  5. There is a payload in the form of an attachment that usually contains malware

This isn’t intended to scare you away from online shopping. Just be careful what you click on while you’re waiting for your package to arrive.

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