Beware the Phishing trawlers

With the holiday shopping season upon us, there will be a lot of online shoppers anxiously waiting for their goods to arrive. This is prime season for the inevitable phishing scammers that are lurking everywhere. The other day I got received message I’d like share so that you can be forewarned as to what to look […]

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RIM has to fix what’s broken

We all know that RIM is going to release the long awaited BlackBerry 10 in early 2013. Long awaited not simply because it’s been a long time since a new BlackBerry was released, but also long awaited because the pending platform has been delayed at least twice already. CEO Thorsten Heins claims to be focusing on […]

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What’s the fuss about Google?

By now all Google users of YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Maps, etc, have received their Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service notice. A bit of propaganda that spells out how Google will be collecting our data usage and sorting through it to provide a better experience for us as we search and collaborate.   What […]

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The dark side of waterproofing tech

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas there were at least 2 vendors showcasing their new waterproofing technology for electronic devices, HzO and Liquipel are two names that come to mind. Both offer similar approaches to an ongoing problem, how to protect our smartphones and tablets from damage resulting from accidental exposure to […]

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Has anyone noticed that LinkedIn could easily be labelled SpammedIn? I belong to several groups, as do many LinkedIn members I’m sure. Lately I’ve found that my daily inbox of LinkedIn alerts has the “Discussions” section turning in to a sales-pitch section more than any thing else. The items themselves are not necessarily objectionable; most relate to helping […]

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VW’s Approach is Wrong

Recently Volkswagan announced that they would be disabling BlackBerry email after work hours. While I applaud the message that VW is sending to employees, that they recognize the need for work-life-balance and that they need to make adjustments to rectify an imbalance, I believe their approach is wrong. While it’s well recognized that many people are over […]

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Woot for WooThemes!

I have got to hand it to WooThemes. I’m rather new to the whole web publishing arena, so I shopped around a considerable amount before settling on my platform. First of all, I had a number of recommendations that using WordPress and a off-the-shelf theme was the way to go. On that basis I started my […]

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Inexpensive productivity tool

Are you interested in a inexpensive productivity gain for your business. Something that can increase an employee’s productivity by approximately 40% for a mere $200+ investment. No I’m not talking about drugs. And I don’t even know what drugs $200 will buy. I’m talking about a second monitor on the desk. Studies have shown that a productivity […]

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Nobody wants cheap (Part 1)

Interesting to read that the Tata Nano is not doing well. Hailed as the next ‘big thing’ in the automotive industry, heaped with industry praise, over 34 patents filed on it’s technology; all for a price tag of only $2400! How could you loose? Tata is loosing, and in a big way. Just over 72,000 […]

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Everybody wants chic (Part 2)

Recently we learned how poorly the Tata motors Nano has been selling in India. Approximately 72,000 have been sold. This in a country with 1.2B people, 65% of which are under 35. What’s poor Tata motors to do? Well I’m of the opinion that they should take a chapter Mini Cooper history, when in the […]

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