Everybody wants chic (Part 2)

Recently we learned how poorly the Tata motors Nano has been selling in India. Approximately 72,000 have been sold. This in a country with 1.2B people, 65% of which are under 35. What’s poor Tata motors to do? Well I’m of the opinion that they should take a chapter Mini Cooper history, when in the 1960’s the Mini went from a ‘housewives shopping car’ to the must have fashion accessory.

So how is Tata going to changed the country’s perception of the Nano from cheap and undesirable to fashion accessory? Well unlike Mini, they’re not likely to do it by winning World Rally Championships, instead what Tata needs to do is take a chapter from Apple.

Start by ditching the ‘cheap is best’ monikor. Apple never said their iPod was the cheapest, therefore the best. Apple never had the best technical products but they certainly had the best looking. A classic case of form over function. Style over substance. The Nano needs an make over. Let the imagination run wild and see what creative design they can come up with.

Once the design issue is resolved, get the product in the hands of the hip movers-and-shakers in India. Product placement in movies, appearances at trendy events, slick advertising. With a population where over 60% is under the age of 35, that is a generation can relate to some decent marketing.

Come on Tata you’re not dead in the water with the Nano. Shake it up a bit. Show us that inexpensive is not the only reason somebody should buy the car. Take it from cheap to chic.

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