Inexpensive productivity tool

Are you interested in a inexpensive productivity gain for your business. Something that can increase an employee’s productivity by approximately 40% for a mere $200+ investment. No I’m not talking about drugs. And I don’t even know what drugs $200 will buy. I’m talking about a second monitor on the desk.

Studies have shown that a productivity worker with two side-by-side monitors on his or her desk, can be about 40% more productive. Lets face it, how many times a day do we spend swapping between our email application and a spreadsheet, document file, or presentation. Not to mention one’s favorite social media site.

Having dual  monitors on the desk means that swapping between applications, for the most part, becomes a thing of the past. Simply switch your gaze from the left to the right monitor, or vise-versa. Simple. Much quick than Alt-Tab.

So why am I discussing this since it’s not a new idea, and it seems ‘duh’ obvious? I’m amazed as I glimpse inside the offices and cubicals of most organizations and find that they still haven’t caught onto the idea. Wake up IT Managers and smell the coffee. If you want to become extremely popuplar among your colleagues and gain some traction with this idea, start with senior managment. Give them what they’re not asking for and what they don’t realize they need. Once you’ve one them over, the rest of the organization will be child’s play. Having scored this rather easy win, pitching your next idea will also be much easier since you’ve already demonstrated success with this one.

Lets start a dual-monitor revolution!

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