What’s the fuss about Google?

By now all Google users of YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Maps, etc, have received their Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service notice. A bit of propaganda that spells out how Google will be collecting our data usage and sorting through it to provide a better experience for us as we search and collaborate.
What does that actually mean?
Beginning March 2012, Google will correlate the data from the Internet and geographical searches you conduct, the videos you watch on YouTube, the messages you send and receive in Gmail, the appointments you organize in Calendar, and the scattered broadcasts you share among your Google+ circle of friends. That and whatever other 50+ web services they have got their hooks into.  This could mean, for example, that when you search via Google, the company will use your activities on complimentary sites like Gmail and YouTube to influence your search results. This is something that Google has not done previously. 
Google states that when it correlates all the information, across multiple touch points, it makes it easier to present targeted information to you in a more meaningful way. Google is also, obviously, making it easier on themselves to harvest your data and digest it and re-package it to those who spend money with them. Yes Google all about the four-letter word “Profit”.
This new functionality is not unique to Google. Facebook, which is now enforcing the “Timeline” feature on its  millions of users, has also made similar arguments. Facebook argues that making your entire social history more easily revealed online, simply makes it easier for you to share things with your friends. 
So why are some bent out of shape over this? There’s the belief that Google has gone too far. That the combining of data from dissimilar sources and massaging and regurgitating as a whole, is somehow more invasive and a greater intrusion of privacy than if its done individually per web service.
Well I hate to say the obvious, but those behind the wave of indignation need to wake up and smell the coffee. Google doesn’t offer great products and services out of the goodness of their hearts. They are in business to make money. By way of their new privacy policy, Google is hoping to make more money by delivering search results to us more accurately. Perhaps if people are so choked up about the new privacy policy, they should host their own email service, create their own search engine, provide their own video sharing and write their own software. 
Google maybe a little ahead of Microsoft on this front but they certainly won’t be alone. Lets get over it people. If anyone is unduly stressed over a possible invasion of privacy by Google, then maybe they should stop using Gmail for confidential correspondence and simply pick up the phone to share what they have to say. Just don’t do it on an Android device or else Google could be listening in. 
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